Organic sheep breeding
The ecological farm BAUERNHOF specializes in meat cattle breeding in the best traditions of organic farming.


Biological grain growing
The ecological farm BAUERNHOF specializes in grain growing exclusively under the principles of biological nature management.


Biological nature management
We support the ideas of harmonization of relationship between the society and nature. Nature management at BAUERNHOF is based upon ecological foundation, and organic technologies are used in reproduction.


Ecological settlement
Organization of an ecological settlement is planned in the territory of BAUERNHOF farmfor a group of people to live in an ecologically clean space in conditions of organic farming.


Biological farm certification
Bauernhof – annually undergoes the certification of biological farming in accordancewith the directions of the European Union: our certificate

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Meat products (ecological mutton and lamb):
BAUERNHOF farm breeds sheep of the Latvian Blackhead breed. Sheep of this breed belong to pronounced meat breeds and are bred according to the biological method of breeding. Hospitality, cordiality are the qualities necessary to greet friends. From time immemorial, guests have been greeted at richly laid tables. Pilaf is the excellent festive dish for a large family or company. Our mutton is very juicy and tender – perfectly suitable to make pilaf!

Poultry farm products (meat and eggs of biological hens): BAUERNHOF farm keeps meat and egg breeds of hens. Poultry breeding takes place according to the biological method.
Sheep semi-fine wool: We offer to purchase the wool of Latvian Blackhead breed sheep. Fleece is uniform and fineness, medium crimp – a perfect raw material for textile production.