We invite everyone interested to visit our farm. With the possibility of outdoor recreation.Get to know life on a sheep breeding farm. Pre-registration by phone +371 (29) 100-686

Farm BAUERNHOF is an ecological farm located in Talsi region, Strazde settlement.

The history of BAUERNHOF began in 2014 and today it is a living, dynamic andharmonious developing eco system:


All activities of the farm are based on 4 principles of organic farming: health, ecology,fairness and care.

Principle of health. Organic agriculture must maintain and improve the health of soil,plant, animal, man and planet as a single and indivisible whole.

Principle of ecology. Organic agriculture must be based upon the principles of existence of natural ecological systems and cycles, working, coexisting and supporting them.

Principle of fairness. Organic agriculture must be built upon relationships guaranteeing fairness, taking into account the shared environment and life opportunities.

Принцип заботы. Управление органическим сельским

Principle of care. Management of organic agriculture has a precautionary and responsible nature for protection of health and well-being of current and future generations and environment.


Organic sheep breeding
The ecological farm BAUERNHOF specializes in meat cattle breeding in the best traditions of organic farming.


Biological grain-growing
The ecological farm BAUERNHOF specializes in grain-growing exclusively according to the principles of biological nature management.


Organic beekeeping
BAUERNHOF apiaries are located in the territory of the ecological farm, where the principles of organic farming are applied. Compliance with organic beekeeping standards ensures purity and quality of honey.


Biological nature management
We support the ideas of harmonization of relationship between the society and nature. Nature management at BAUERNHOF is based upon ecological foundation, and organic technologies are used in reproduction.


Ecological settlement
Organization of an ecological settlement is planned in the territory of BAUERNHOF farmfor a group of people to live in an ecologically clean space in conditions of organic farming.